Visa Assist can answer to your such as:

Do I need a visa to visit Vietnam on a New Zealand passport? How to obtain a visa to visit Vietnam? How much will it cost?

Visa Assist processing service

We offer visa processing service when a visa is required.

Our visa processing service includes:

Processing visa applications including lodgement at Embassies, monitoring, collection of passport from the Embassy. Checking the documentation to ensure the right visa is applied and checking the passport upon return to ensure visa has been issued as per the itinerary. Returning the passport via overnight courier delivery.

Who can access our Visa Advisory Service?

Access to Country pages (and also T&Cs) to check visa requirements and visa forms is restricted to Visa Assist members only. You can speak with one of our experienced Visa Consultants between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm during weekdays, or contact us by email. We are to serve the travel industry, corporates and the general public as such, whoever wishes to use our services. While we will have billing arrangements with travel agents and corporates, direct customers are advised to email us their query on and on receipt of the query, we will advise you our service charges and T&Cs. Please avoid verbal queries and quotes.

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Yes, it is possible to get visas without our help, however for many visas, getting applications processed means doing the proper research on the requirement, Forms, visits to embassy or maybe expense on couriers. Sometimes embassy websites may not have updated information, which may cause some issues. Visa Assist remains upto date on all information and will assist in reducing the hassle with visa processes. Visa Assist is definitely the quicker, stress-free and trustworthy way to go.

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Firstly, identify if you need a Visa; Visa requirements depend on your nationality. If the country requires you to have a visa, it is imperative to have one well before you finalize your trip as you may not be even allowed to board the flight to that destination with a proper visa. Check if your passport has blank pages, free of any previous stamps – this is a must to be able to apply for a Visa. Also, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the expected departure date from your country of visit. Few countries, along with your Visa application, require to see a letter of invitation issued by a host or from a government department of the country you plan to visit. It can be easy or a complicated process but we are here to assist you with this. Application form submitted to the Embassy is in paper form, either filled in physically or online – each embassy has its own regulations. We are here to assist you in completing all the forms while adhering to each embassy’s rules.

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Once you know that you need Visa to visit the desired destinations, you will need to choose the Visa type (tourism, business etc), number of entries and duration of stay.

Select the Visa type, numbers of entries and duration of stay, pay the required fee and we will assist you to complete the paperwork. We will give you the application form and details of other documents required to go with the application. For online E-Visa, we will just need your personal details, copy of your passport and a digital photo. 

For paper Visa application, Form along with supporting documents will need to be sent to us. Once we’ve received your application, our team will check the forms to ensure we have everything we need to get the application process correct the first time. Once everything is confirmed, we will aim to get your application process started within 2 days of receiving it. Each embassy has its own different processing times and this will be communicated to you in advance.

Once your application is lodged with the embassy, we will keep you updated on the progress as and when we hear from the embassy. Once everything is sorted, your passport will appear in your letterbox with the visas stamped in. Easy peasy!

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