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For New Zealand Passport Holder

Tourist Visa                                        : Visa is required. Visas on arrival is also now open but you have the option of applying for a Visa prior to your travel

If you require a VISA, please refer to the below

Following information are related to all nationalities

E - Visa

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Documents required at the time of lodging the E-Visa

-    A digital photo 
-    Passport copy
-    Any other nationality
-    NZ address and mobile number
-    Contact person (or Hotel) and address in Nepal
-    Occupation and work address
-    Flight itinerary
-    Visa required for 15/30/90 days: USD 30/50/100 – payable on arrival


-    Visa on arrival (the complete process of filling up the application etc)
-    Pre-approval for Visa from NZ, pay the fee locally on arrival at the airport and get the Visa
-    Visa processed prior to departure from NZ.

Normal Processing Fees for New Zealand-based Embassies/Consulates

First applicant  $ 130
Second applicant  $ 70
Every additional applicant  $ 60
Group of 8 persons or more $ 65 per person
Supplement for Urgent Processing NZD 100 per lodgement (irrespective of the number of applications in one submission)

Important: In case of Group of 08 persons or more, all applications need to be processed and submitted in one lot. If it involves a separate processing for any person(s) in the Group, additional individual charges will apply.

Assistance with Application Form: Additional service fee of NZD 80 per application will apply

Embassy details

Nepal Consulate in Auckland

278 A Remuera Road
New Zealand

Tel: 027 439 2312


Nepal Embassy in Australia

22 Kareelah Vista,

ACT 2606

Tel: +61 2 6162 1554; +61 2 6286 8006